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a preferred supplier of outdoor and indoor lifestyle furniture worldwide

Accommodating and flexible furniture arrangements are a must. Room and respect for the individual and time have never been more important.

At Cane-line we are aware of this and we work closely with our international project partners to provide customised solutions. Our partners have high demands for quality, comfort and aesthetics and Cane-line’s timeless and thoroughly-developed design can satisfy all that.

Our furniture is fit for heavy use over long periods of time yet require only slight maintenance even when used in places where large crowds come and go.

Choose your own style, expression, even function for your furniture, be it for formal meeting points, comfortable waiting spaces or relaxed lounge areas. Whether focus is on the individual or social gatherings.

Our Danish design lives up to the brand identity of our project partners, and our corporate conduct and operations match international expectations about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As a result, our customers include a wide variety of companies in the public and private sector, institutions, exclusive hotels, cruise lines and resorts.